At FMC Automotive, we check your belts and hoses with your regular vehicle maintenance routine, but call us at the first sign of damage to your belts and hoses.

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Belt and Hoses Service

The belts and hoses power nearly every feature in your vehicle. Hoses deliver hydraulic pressure to your vehicle’s brakes and other components, and belts transfer energy from the crankshaft to the moving parts (that start, steer, heat, and cool your vehicle). A leaky hose or loose belt can impact the affected part’s performance, but broken belt or hose can totally immobilize your vehicle.

Types of belts (each belt in your car has a different lifespan): serpentine belt (alternator belt, fan belt, power steering belt, A/C belt, and more – these belts work with your serpentine belt to drive their respective parts), timing belt or timing chain.
Types of hoses (each hose in your car has a different lifespan): radiator hoses, heater core hoses, fuel hoses, brake hoses, air intake hoses, A/C and low pressure hoses, PCV valve hose and the oil cooler hose.